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top up, cheap and easy to use phone calls

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How do I know the rate for COUNTRY X?
Before each call, the automated rate message informs you of the exact costs of the call free of charge. No nasty surprises here! Rates are in pence per minute. Calls are billed per second rounded to the nearest penny, include VAT.
From which phone lines can I use the TopUp number?
You can use Teletop from your landline and your mobile, but remember you top up the phone you're going to call with.
How long will my TopUp amount stay valid?
Your TopUp amount will stay valid for a period of 90 days.
How long will these rates last?
Rates are valid as long as supplies last and are subjected to change. Please visit this site often or sign up for our newsletter in order to receive the latest discounts.
How do I pay for my calls?
Calls are rounded up to the nearest minute. You pay a 5p startup fee per call, plus the current rate per minute. Costs for the calls to our premium rate number(s) are settled via your regular (BT) telephone bill. The calls to the toll-free access number are free of charge.
Can I use my Topped Up credit on a different phone than the one I used to Top Up?
Unfortunately not, you can only use your credit on the phone line you have used to Top Up
How do I know what my current credit balance is?
You can hear your credit balance by pressing the * button during the 'welcome' or directly after. When you just refilled your credit it maybe take a short while before its rewarded. If so please try again in an hour. If the credits isn't rewarded in an hour please contact us via the website.
Is there a limit to where I can Top Up my phone line?
You can Top Up your phone line 10 times per day (max.)
I am preselected at a different phone company than BT (like Alpha Telecom). They prevent me from calling your access numbers. What should I do?
Dial 1280 prior to our access numbers to bypass the network of your current telecom provider.